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Sunset Cruise (June 1 – October 31)

Head to the protected shoreline of San Jose Island to view the Sunset over Aransas Bay while enjoying your favorite sunset beverage and/or picnic dinner. You will see many species of birds and possibly Dolphin.

Monday – Thursday: 2 Hours @ Call for Reservations
Friday – Sunday: 2 Hours @ Call for Reservations


Dolphin Watching (June 1 – October 31)

Bottle-Nosed Dolphins follow the Aransas Bay shrimp fleet in the mornings to feed on the shrimp, squid, fin-fish and other sea creatures stirred up by the shrimper’s nets. Gulls, Terns, Brown Pelicans, and an occasional Magnificent Frigate Bird can be seen feeding around these working boats.

Monday – Thursday: 2 Hours @ Call for Reservations
Friday – Sunday: 2 Hours @ Call for Reservations

pink whooping crane

Whooping Cranes and Coastal Birding 

Venture up the Gulf Intra-Coastal Water Way into the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge to view the rare majestic Whooping Cranes along with 30-60 different species of birds and other wildlife.

October 1 – December 20: 3 Hours Call for Reservations
December 21 – April 30: 3 Hours Call for Reservations

light house

Lydia Anne Lighthouse (Year Round)

We head south to the Lydia Anne Channel between Aransas Bay and Port Aransas to see this beautiful lighthouse and learn its long history from the original construction, including the damage incurred during the Civil War to its current restored grandeur. Dolphin sightings are common during this trip as well.

nesting birds

Historic El Copano (June 1 – October 31)

Experience the same voyage through Aransas and Copano Bays that the early settlers made in the mid-1700’s to the first seaport in Texas. You will hear stories of explorers, settlers, revolutions, wars, commerce, and the evolution of the communities in the area.

3 Hours @ Call for Reservations